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Keynotes for Stakeholders, Customers, and Staff

Want to serve others, or yourself better? Get clear on your Purpose.
— Steven Di Pietro

I’ve been measuring customer service spanning two decades and 500,000 customer service Mystery Shop evaluations.

My business puts me in a unique position to understand why businesses don’t do as they plan, and why people pull in different directions.

Rather than focus on tactics, I focus on Purpose as a tool to unlock the conflict between Stakeholders, Customers and Staff.


Keynotes for Leaders

Helping business leaders develop and share their North Star to get more strategic than ever before.

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Staff Keynotes

Motivation for staff to help them better connect with the organisation and serve customers. 

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For business owners and leaders who need to quickly nail down their strategy and get on with growing the business.

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Covering the globe

Taking the message around the world. The message of service and purpose is received the same all over the world.


Wisdom comes from information, good judgement, and experience.

— Steven Di Pietro


Previous diverse clients include:

  • ANZ Bank

  • Countless chambers of commerce

  • Chemist Warehouse

  • Franchise Council of Australia

  • Mazda

  • MSPA - Asia

  • MSPA - Europe

  • Pedders Suspension

  • Terry White Chemists

  • Shopper Experience

  • VE Commerce


Check out what keynote attendees have been saying for over a decade.

I can't kick or catch a ball, but I can speak to people, and they react with great feedback I'm proud of.

This smiley image was from Virgin Australia.

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