1 day facilitation

Are you trying to work out how to stop your shareholders, customers and staff from pulling in different directions?

Take a day out and get it all resolved once and for all!

The central idea

You will walk out of this session with a complete business strategy which, by the end of the session, you’ll already be implementing.

Strategy with Purpose

This intense session provides business owners with a push, a structure, and an environment to nail their business strategy.

The guts of it

Aligning your shareholders, customers and staff.

  • All the material from the leadership keynote, how to Profit from Purpose,

  • A look at your own leadership style/s and how to build on your individual strengths,

  • Setting (or revisiting) your Purpose, Mission, Strategy, Goals and Action plans - yes all of that,

  • Breakdown your sales and service strategies,

  • Helping you walk out with an ordered list of priorities,

  • A nowhere to hide senior leadership team building platform.

The mood & setting

This is a faced paced, yet quite a deep experience.

You will be challenged!

The session is delivered in a facilitation setting with lots of interaction with each participant.

Who is it for?

Leader in the organisation

  • Owners

  • Directors

  • Senior managers


Great at bringing in real-life experiences into his dialogue to illustrate his message.  Entertaining.  Provided thoughts about focusing on what you are about.


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