1 Star reviews are not a reason to panic

In this article I take a little divergence into my world of service measurement.

When people leave reviews on review sites, you can’t guess why they did it. So the company has this informations and needs to make it useful. How?

Well the reviews need to “be” purposed. Remember, purpose is created.

In the article below you will see how the purpose depend on the user.

The purpose of surveys

The topic of purpose is not always an esoteric discussion about life and the universe.

Purpose applies equally to business tactics such as something as simple as a customer survey.

What's the purpose of customer surveys?

The big reason why purpose shapes your customer

What's the difference between purpose and meaning in a business environment, and does it really matter?

Purpose is made.
Meaning is processed.

This article looks at how the difference manifests in our personal lives as well as our business lives.

Google is a great business example by highlighting how it will affects YOUR customers and staff.