How to get people to give a damn

How to get people to give a damn

How do you get an 18-year-old cashier to care?

How do you get a teenager to act a little more responsibly?

How do you get a labourer on a construction site to think about safety?

How do you get a CEO to care?

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Every action.

Everything has a consequence

Everything you do, no matter mundane has consequences. Every job has consequences. Either you know the consequences of your actions, or you don’t.

A little smile or a growl to a customer or friend will influence them.

A small reckless action by a construction worker may unwittingly kill a workmate.

An immoral decision by a CEO may knowingly bankrupt an employee.

But that’s not the whole picture. What also matters is whether you care.

You may care about the consequences on the other person, or you may not.



Comes from when you can expect the outcome, and you care about the outcome. For example - Not drink driving.


Can still occur even if you care. For example, driving to the speed limit.

Amoral behaviour

Occurs when you know the outcome but don’t care. For example, stealing from a friend.

Unintended consequences

Occur when you don’t know the outcome and don’t care. For example drink driving.

The upshot is that everyone needs to know their actions matter, whether or not on purpose. Purpose is not a precondition to consequences.

The following video was shared with my corporate clients but applies equally to anyone. (4:30)

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