Keynotes for staff

The central idea

The staff keynote fires up staff to better understand the company, their customers, and themselves. The central keynote is:

Service with Purpose

Learn from 500,000+ Mystery Shops

This is a customer service and sales keynote starting from deep within each employee, helping them navigate between their personality, the customer, and fixed company policies.

The guts of it

  • A simple definition of Service

  • Why Service and Sales should be approached the same way,

  • How consumers make decisions, and how staff react predictably,

  • A profound discussion of each participants core personality profile and how that affects their life and work (for longer sessions), and

  • How to bring purpose to even the most dreary jobs, and

  • Real life experiences of what works and does not work from over 500,000 mystery shops I've overseen.

The mood

This keynote is a upbeat with a bunch of real life 'funny' but also real life 'scary' stories. 

The longer versions get very intense once we delve into each person's individual personality profile.

People love nothing more than to talk and think about themselves, this session will command their full attention.

It can be delivered internally as a facilitation session, or in a large auditorium full of other business leaders. 

Who's it for?

Line managers and customer facing staff, namely:


Line managers and customer facing staff, namely:

  • Middle managers,

  • Store managers,

  • Back office staff, and

  • Customer service representatives


What an understanding Steve has about service and sales – changed my attitude forever


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