How to live to be 100

Why does this sound so appealing? There is no destination, the car is old, and you just seem to be having fun without purpose.

Well, imagine your body is the car, your mind is the driver, and your purpose is the destination, not that you have to have one.

Your whole life won’t be like that, but I’d like you to live longer and be able to handle events like getting wet riding through the rain because the roof is jammed open. Live longer and enjoy it. That’s my aim.

The central idea

If the conventional way of looking at a well lived life were successful, we wouldn’t have the health, mental and spiritual problems of today.

Smashing through popular thought

I promise not to get all guru hippy on you, nor to push some exotic lemon diet, or to push religion or politics. I’ll be taking you on a journey back to the future of health and longevity with concrete practical age old wisdom mixed with modern science. The answers are hidden in plain view.

Your body

Firstly, you need to take care of the machinery. Eat a balanced diet and you’ll live longer right? Wrong.

There is a silver bullet when it comes to health, and it’s not just exercising more and eating less. We’ve been fed so many lies about food and health. I’m going to expose them and you’ll be shocked by the current science.

Your Mind

Secondly, you need to take care of your mind. You control your outcomes right? Wrong.

We will get to the heart of how we make decisions and how they unnecessarily create stress and confusion. These decisions directly affect our body (what we eat and stress) but also our mental state.

Your destination

Thirdly, you need to sort out some destination. Goals are gods right? Wrong.

We will look at what you want to do with this longer life and whether you even need a destination.


Great at bringing in real-life experiences into his dialogue to illustrate his message.  Entertaining.  Provided thoughts about focusing on what you are about.


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