Yes meaning can be found immediately. You just have to look in the places staring you in the face.

This podcast episode helps you find it immediately.  No need to look.

Meaning can be found in everyday things and events, there’s no need to fret. Once you find meaning in the smaller things you can start pondering the bigger issues - if you wish

Ali and Todd are under a big tree talking about how they want to continue the fairytale long after the Bachelorette Australia finishes. Some of you will be nauseated by this whole concept. But there's an important message behind all these reality shows. The reality is hard to escape.

Sure the shows are there to sell shampoo ads and fried chicken product placements, but something deep is happening behind the veneer.

Two predictable things happen. One is an observation, and the other is the lesson.

This episode lays out the premise for the whole Podcast series.

In this episode I'll examine the critical role played by Purpose in all lives and all organisations.

Stakeholders and owners are pulling in one direction (often profit).

Staff area after careers, training and a good salary, putting them at odds with the owners.

Customers want the best value, often putting them at odds with both customers and staff.

Having a clearly defined purpose helps drive each of these parties in a similar direction. And the lessons learned also apply to our personal lives.

That’s what this Podcast is about

What’s the point? What’s the point of working so hard, the suffering, of life itself? It’s asked by the unemployed, middle class, and uber-rich. It’s asked by people of all races and religions.

“What’s the point?” inevitably leads to the maddening and futile question about the meaning of life. Asking about the meaning of life is the wrong question, and made wrong by one word.

We shouldn’t be seeking the meaning “of” life, but a meaning “to” life. The distinction changes everything.

If you are seeking the point “to” something, you can’t find it in the meaning “of” something.