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My business measures customer interactions to reveal whether strategy is being executed.

My speaking and publishing focuses on Purpose. It’s difficult to fix problems if you don’t know Why you are doing them.

Although I do short 4 minute podcast sessions myself, I also like to do long chats with experts in different fields.

I see the Podcast as being an outcome, but also a great vehicle for us both to create tons of other content.


All the normal Social media, including YouTube.

2,000 LinkedIn followers

1,000 email subscribers.

My business is B2B at the big end of town (and internationally) thanks to my contacts in the Mystery Shopping business

The Podcast will be distributed on iTunes, Google, Stitcher and over 10 other platforms.


Prefer Video. You will be sent instructions on use. But it’s pretty simple.

Interviews will be about 30 minutes.


Both parties will be free to respectfully use the content as they see fit.


  1. I’ll send you a pre-interview questionnaire - basically how you’d like to be introduced.

  2. We’ll have a few minutes of pre-roll chatter and ensure the equipment is all working OK.

  3. I’ll introduce you.

  4. What problem do you solve?

  5. What’s your big idea?

  6. Do you have a technique, story or idea that can blow people’s minds? (not critical but cool if you do)

  7. What practical steps can you leave the viewers.

  8. I will often (but not always) bring it back to customer interactions and purpose.

  9. Your closing remarks - parting words of wisdom.

  10. How people can get hold of you

Post interview

I’ll send you the video, and audio version and link to you in all Social media. The more we post/break it up, the better.

That’s it. I hope we can make this happen.

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